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escort tigerr benson


I like to buy my regular boyfriends gifts. I love it when they turn up wearing a tie I bought them, or cufflinks..it's hot.

I like Christmas because I can buy cards for all my boyfriends (although it's difficult to give them..I can't really send them to their homes..hehe).

I try my hardest to remember my boyfriend's birthday and often spend their birthday's with them.

This make's me feel good - my boyfriend's want to spend their special day with me!



I'm not great at receiving presents or gifts. I'm asian so I get a bit embarrassed. It's not really in our culture.

But I love homemade things. Like I have a boyfriend who actually makes me cakes! That doesn't sound cool or sexy but I don't care. It's really sweet.

I like Chanel parfum but I have lots of it!

My boyfriends buy me jewelry, champagne, whisky (I like whisky, Oban, Macallan and Kavalan)..but most of all I like it when a boyfriend buys me lingerie.

It's very personal, intimate and we can share the pleasure of it together. My favorite is La Perla and Janet Reger.

If you prefer you can send me voucher/gift to Amazon.co.uk PayPal.co.uk to tigerr@tigerrjuggs.com